Structure does not return for all kinds of engineering fields mechanical engineering, serving as a mission, with the requirements of the customer's requests and requirements engineering techniques and standards, combining the technical and economic aspects of an engineering company that produces the most appropriate solutions.


17 years of experience to our company in 2005, which launched its new title, many local and foreign organizations since then, heating, cooling, ventilation, VRV, air, fire, spring, plumbing, mechanical room, jet fan tesistaları, steam systems and their various isolations performs with the latest technology.


From this date on our ever-growing; Russia and Georgia, especially in many countries and has been active in several provinces in the country. Our company with quality and reliability of public tenders in the revision of highlighting the many public institutions and has participated in the construction of new facilities.


As a company, the basic principle;

"We provide the highest quality and fastest service."